Norway Immigration

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Norway Immigration

Providing World’s Highest Standards of Living; Norway attracts immigrants of all genres to work and settle in this country of nature and wealth. Norway offers a robust labor market and a booming economy. Staying in Norway facilitates migrants avail varied social and other services offered by the Norwegian Government.

The country provides vast services and facilities to its citizens which have made it remain rated as the best country to live in the world for past 8 years by United Nations. Relocating to Norway exposes an immigrant to highest levels of health, quality of living, life expectancy and education.

Skilled workers who are employed by a foreign enterprise and who are to provide services in Norway can be granted a residence permit.
The permit can be renewed, but it can never be granted for a continuous period of more than 6 years.
Who is eligible?
Foreigner must be an employee of a foreign enterprise that has entered into a contract with a Norwegian enterprise. Only skilled workers are eligible for this permit.
Skilled professional covers the following categories:
Specialist training corresponding to upper secondary education level: Applicant must have completed vocational training for a specific occupation. The education must as a minimum correspond to upper secondary education level, i.e. at least three years.
If the applicant has completed his education abroad, he/she must have achieved the same level of expertise as if he/she would have achieved had you been educated in Norway.
Craft certificate: A craft certificate taken abroad must have resulted in the same level of expertise as a Norwegian craft certificate.
University college or University Education: The requirement is a completed degree or study program me. Examples include nurses, engineers, Bachelor or Master’s degrees.
Special qualifications: Applicant must have gained expertise through professional experience of a certain duration, alternatively in combination with other training (courses and similar). If there is a formal education in the field in question, then level of expertise must be approximately equivalent to the level of such education.
In addition, your expertise must be relevant to your ability to complete the assignment.
Visa Requirements
Following requirements of documents should be met:
  • A contract must have been entered into between a foreign enterprise (the contractor) and a Norwegian enterprise (the client).
  • The contract must state that you are to provide services of a limited duration in Norway.
  • The client’s registered business address must be in Norway.
  • You must be an employee of the foreign enterprise.
  • As a rule, the offer of an assignment must be for one employer.
  • There is no requirement for the assignment to be full time.
  • The pay and working conditions must not be poorer than those stipulated in the current collective agreement or pay scale in the field. If no such collective agreement or pay scale exists, the pay and working conditions must not be poorer than is normal in Norway for the occupation and place concerned.
  • If the position requires an academic education and is not covered by a collective agreement or pay scale, you must be paid in accordance with the government collective agreement; unless it is documented that other conditions are normal for the occupation and place concerned. This means that if you have completed higher academic education, for example hold a Master’s degree, your pay must be at least salary grade 47 in the pay scale for Norwegian state employees, currently NOK 396.900 per year. For lower-level academic education, for example a Bachelor’s degree, salary grade 42 in the pay scale for Norwegian state employees, currently NOK 368.000 per year, is the minimum pay.
  • The Norwegian client must ensure that the foreign employer meets the requirement for pay and working conditions during the assignment, and must be able to document this to the supervisory or immigration authorities on request.
Documents Required
  • Valid passport
  • An offer of assignment form, signed by the Norwegian client, the foreign enterprise and yourself as a seconded employee
  • Applicant’s employment contract with the foreign enterprise
  • Previous work experience related documents
  • Educational documents

Visa Fee & Processing Time
Visa fee for Residence permit per applicant: 3.000 NOK
Disclaimer: Processing time and visa fee are at the discretion of embassy and can change without prior notice