About Us

About The Hope

THE HOPE was founded with a dream of providing quality higher education consultation for students who aspire to go abroad. THE HOPE is a student-based and solution-driven organisation aiming to deliver educational paths that suit each individual. With over 23+ years of experience, we operate in the highest ethical manner and always maintain 100% transparency & honesty with our student-clientele.
Our expert counsellors guide students to make informed choices in specialisation, university, preterms of requisite exams, and the country of choice concerning their career goals and ambitions. We strive to provide the best guidance in terms of admission processes, Visa procedure, and all other related tasks by keeping the aspirant’s career in mind.
THE HOPE is affiliated with several top universities and colleges worldwide. We are the preferred destination for the students who aspire to build their education path overseas.

Leadership Team

The Managing Director, Mr. Jeevan Reddy G have lived, studied & worked in abroad. He did Double Masters like MBA, MS CRM Degree in Europe & undergone specialized training at various universities around the globe.
Mr. Jeevan Reddy is a respected figure in the academic circles who have 9 years of experience at Senior Management level. Since THE HOPE inception he has been putting his untiring efforts and dedication to the development of the organization along with the welfare of the target student community as his vision.

Today, we have a portfolio of reputed universities from various European countries and works closely with several organizations and education providers.
Our branches are located in the states of Telangana , Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, Rajasthan & West Bengal which comprise most of the students who have been travelling abroad every year for study purpose.

vision & Mission

To make THE HOPE a powerhouse of excellent overseas education by providing outstanding career guidance with integrity and utmost professionalism. To offer the highest quality support to clients that is in tune with our quality policy and their requirements.

THE HOPE has a mission of placing the right student in the right university through expert counselling while providing the clients with superior quality services that meet their requirements exceptionally well and create excellent professional value. We work toward this by teamwork and discipline in order to improve our business.

The Hope Team

At THE HOPE, We are having a Team of young, highly experienced, educated professionals who have vast experience in advising students about the various study options available in abroad, keeping in mind their profile and requirements.

Our employees reflect our commitment to work across cultures,with extensive experience and In-depth industry knowledge which enables us to provide right solution to our students. Our Team comprise of industry experts who have up-to-date information on overseas education industry. This Is our key to success in the Industry, giving us the clear path in making an undisputed leader in the global education Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless THE HOPE's potential is to grow.

Our Team Is always ready to provide a high quality, value for money, independent professional service with quality credentials and trust worthy service which guides students to reach the best possible academic heights based on their academic merit. Our success rate is high because we evaluate each student's credentials before accepting the case and applying for admission. We only accept those applications which according to our experts can be made successful.

Ketan Sakariya


He has Completed His 12 years of excellent service in the Overseas Industry, and Expert in Guiding students to choose the right destination in European Country, He Manages end to end processes from college/course shortlisting to documentation to application submission.

Srinivas Reddy


Srinivas MB


Mr. Srinivas has 8 years of experience in the industry and completed his master's education from Europe and worked in Poland and Italy He has counseled 2000+ students and recruited 1500+ students whole my this service.

Jayashri M

Chennai & Trichy

She has 5 years of Experience in Admissions, Visa, Immigration experience, to date more than 2300+ students counseled, she has Interntaitonl exposure in Australia, She completed her Masters's in Computer Science. And received the gold medal from the university.



He studied and worked in Australia, More than 9 years he Counseling with students, an expert in short the university as per the student's qualification and Interest.

Anand Kumar


Young dynamic Person with 7 years of overseas education, He gains handful knowledge of Italy while he was traveling to Europe.

Lakshmi Devi Kandi


Over 8 years Experience As Branch Manager And Handling Various Roles Include Counseling, Mentoring, Visa Assistance.

Vikas PSR


Having 7 years of experience in the education service sector, Self-motivation and a student-first attitude are the quintessential qualities of our team.

M.Shaini Mohan


4 years of Experience in Counseling…

Suresh Chandra Raju K.B


I, Suresh Chandra Raju Centre Head of THE HOPE Vizag Branch. I have lived, studied, and worked in the UK for 7years. I did my MSC in International Business Management from the University of East London. Having a piece of very good knowledge on the Home & Abroad Education System and having awareness about the global opportunities available for an International Students.

G. Santhosh Kumar


I, Santhosh Have joined The Hope 5 years ago and now working as an Admin. I have International Exposure in various countries like UK, USA & Malaysia. To be an expert in my area of work, with a passion for challenges, innovation, and working with people, and to use my skills in the best possible way for achieving the company's goals.

Why The Hope?

THE HOPE is a perfect choice for Overseas Education Consultation as it has gained trust through its excellent reputation from its past clientele. We have a proven track record that assures your case is handled by experts.
We have enriched the academic careers of over 10000 students so far through our professional and trustworthy service that is customised to suit each individual’s needs. Due to our vast experience, we have deep insights into every stream of education that helps us guide students towards satisfying career options.
We guide aspiring overseas students on selecting courses, colleges, and countries that are in tune with their profile and aspirations. We also take pride in offering on-spot admissions by university staff members worldwide who visit our offices.
We stay up-to-date on study opportunities, scholarship opportunities, and changes in VISA procedures to be of utmost convenience to all our clients. Apart from this, we also provide a fast response to queries and fast processing.
At THE HOPE, we believe in being helpful when required, so we offer FREE Credential Evaluation, tips for profile enhancement, and advice on IELTS & TOEFL examination registration process.
Our professionally qualified staff and trained counsellors have aided in collaborations with the finest world-class universities in the world. We are the first choice for the students who aspire to pursue higher education in European countries through our associations across the region.


Our Services

THE HOPE's experienced counselors provide extensive personal guidance on all aspects of Overseas education, including the education planning choice of schools and colleges, University admissions and any related issues. We would help students to make right choices in terms of the University/Colleges based on the experience and qualification. We would ensure that we would help the student with the entire process right from filling applications to admission.


Counsel Students with Human touch. We carefully analyze the individual, compare with market demands and suggest with solution which fits the best for the Students. Choosing the right country and right course in the right university through maze of questions and provide in-depth personal guidance according to your profile, financial constraints, future aspirations and interest. We provide complete information about Educational Institutions with a well equipped library containing prospectus, CD's, Video Tapes and Brochures. We frequently involve University/College representatives to talk and guide the Students.

Application Process

The application form is a crucial document for students as it is their first contact with the University. We assist students in filling the application forms, recommendation letters and all other documents that may be required by the University.These forms can be overwhelming for students to fill on their own and this is where the expert guidance of us is valuable.

Financial Assistance

Studying abroad can seem to be an expensive concern. However, we help students get in touch with various organizations that assist students in securing the required finance for their education. We guide students throughout the entire process, from selecting the best loan option, application and documentation among others.

Visa Assistance

We provide complete Visa assistance to our students. We have an experienced team that processes and completes all the required formalities and also advises the students on the various documents required. We also help prepare students for their Visa interview through conducting mock sessions.

Travel Arrangements

We assist students by helping them in their travel arrangements. We help the student to identify the best travel route, get the best price for his air fare, arrange aII necessary documents as well as offer assistance in availing foreign currency.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Pre-Departure briefing will be given to you prior to your travel with required input which will help make your travel comfortable and help you to settle abroad. We also connect you to our existing students in that country through skype and make you to get first hand information from the student's lives there. We also make you to meet other students and their parents who are heading to the same Country & University. We provide you with Pre-Departure Kit and Checklist to you all prior to your travel.

Accommodation Assistance

We understand that a good accommodation is essential for a student in a new country. We help you find the best accommodation suited to your needs, while keeping in mind your location and budget preferences.

Advisory Board

International Advisory Committee:

THE HOPE International Advisory Committee comprising some renowned academicians will provides advice and recommendations to senior leadership on matters related to the Overseas Education.

The Academic Advisory Committee will provide strategic and external inputs on issues of key importance as we grows from being a 100 student to one with 10000!..

It also develops relationships with other professional bodies worldwide.

Mikael Jensen

Director, CMC & FCMI

Executive Management Institute

Murray Watson

Director, AVID International


Statistical Report

Engineering and Science 40%
Arts and Management 30%
Medical 20%
Research 10%